Friday, January 27, 2012

100th Day and Crazy

These past two weeks of school have been crazy for me. One of my teachers was sick so I filled in for her last week. I am so greatful that I have wonderful blogs that I was able to find 100th day activities in a hurry! Then today I ended up subbing for two different teachers in the school because they had emergencies come up. I love tha I am able to help other teachers out.
Now on to the 100th day:
Thanks to Kathy over at First Grade a la carte for her amazing freebies!
We also created pictures about how the kids would look when they were 100 and what they would be doing. I forgot to snap a picture but I'll have to get one to put up. Lastly we made 100 day trail mix and counted 10 of each ingredient. If you know who the sorting mat is from please let me know so I can give that person the credit!
I also created a roll to 100 which I will post as a freebie later since I am not at my home computer!
Now I'm ready for a relaxing night with my beau! We are going to see Jeff Dunham! Yay!


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