Monday, August 4, 2014

August Currently

Hey everyone! I love seeing everyone's classroom, so many great ideas out there. I will be subbing again this year, so I don't have that to do, just more things to think and design for next year.

Listening: I just love spotify!

Loving: I have a day off today and am enjoying some free time before school gets back in gear and I am busy with subbing and Joanns.

Thinking: About the TPT BTS sale....There are so many things that I would love to get, I just have to be money wise. I might by one or two things off my wish list :)

Wanting: I would love for a miracle and a last moment position for this year, but I know that it is just positive thinking.

Needing: I have some pocket charts to get done that I have sold and I also have a fun new sewing project I want to try out!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Made It!

I'm excited for another Monday Made It! This last week I have been busy crafting different things :)

So this last week I tagged along in my friend's class at Joanns to do some chalk paint projects. I just wanna say I love this stuff! I decided to do a base coat with black then the teal on top of it. 

I started with this crate and sanded it down: 
 Then painted it black.
 After waiting it for it to dry, I added the second color.

After letting it both dry, you can sand it to get any type of look you want.  Then add a coat of the wax, let dry and buff to shine. Here is how it turned out:

Since my paint was taking longer to dry I decided to add a second project. This magnetic chalkboard.

 I used some chalk markers to create this: Great for a first day picture. Since the chalk paint wipes off with water it is great! I can also use this for a message board afterwards since it is magnetic.

So y'all know the cheap dollar flip flops, well I decided to change them up a little bit.

 First I took off the straps:
 Then I forgot to take pictures, but I took a fabric quarter and cut two 4"strips.  Then I cut two shorter 3"straps. I sewed the two sides of the fabric together with right sides together then flipped it inside out.  I first put in the shorter two straps and made a loop and knotted them at the bottom.  Then I took the longer strap and put it through one hole and knotted it. I then pulled the strap through the hole and tightened it as necessary.  Knotted and done.

So when I saw the cute little magnets that Teaching in Flip Flops made, I knew I had to make them! I gathered my supplies: glitters, marbles, magnets and modpodge:

I took the marbles and added mod-podge to the bottom. Then I sprinkled them with different colors of the glitter.

 Finally I added a magnet and voila:

Also I am super excited because I found a co-op in my area that does a basket of half-fruit/half veggies.  It's only $20 and they do it every week. This week I got all this: Broccoli, avocados, cantaloupe, grapes, lettuce, nectarines, tomatoes, kiwis, limes and bananas. Now to find some awesome recipes to make all this week. Anyone have some good recipes?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Made It

It's Monday Made it time! Woohoo!
This is week #3 of the link and I'm glad to be linking up!

My first monday made it is a flower pot pen holder and flower pens. I always forget to take pictures along the way. I took a small Terra cotta pot and outlined the fabric by tracing a half circle as I rolled the pot. Once I cut it, I used mod-podge to keep the fabric glued down.  Then I took some flowers I had cut the stems short and wrapped floral tape around the pen. After wrapping I used cornstarch to take away the stickiness of the pens. Here's how it turned out:

Recently I've also started sewing, so I've been making some clothes. 

Here are a  couple of things I made this last week.

Next I'm going to make a cute Dora outfit for my besties little girl. I hope it turns out!!!

Finally, we were able to wear decorated tshirts last week at work. (I work at Joann fabrics) so of course I took full advantage and made this shirt:

I have quite a few more projects to do, they are just waiting to be done. Make sure to link up!

Monday, June 2, 2014

June Currently

I can't believe it's already June! I have been a busy bee trying to get things done around the house. I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy in Fourth:

Listening: I love Grey's and I am so far behind, so I'm catching up.

Loving: Free time. With subbing, I was working at Joann's at night, so that left little free time. Now that school is out, I am actually able to relax and get things done around the house.

Thinking: I have recently started sewing more and I have lots of fabric to make some clothes, now I have time to get it started. Plus I have so many pinterest projects that I have pinned.

Wanting: Now that jobs are starting to post, I'm hoping that I start getting interviews...Keep your fingers crossed! 

Needing: To get the house clean. My DH's grandparents are coming to visit this weekend and I've been slacking.

1. Like I said, lots of fabric and pinterest projects. I have lots of classroom ones, but am a little hesitant to start them without knowing where or which grade level I'll be.
2. I'd love to take a trip! It may just have to be a weekend, but It'd be nice to get away. I'm still working at Joann this summer, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to :(

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm here

Wow another year gone and I have definitely been slacking on my little blog! This year has been full of adventures. After moving, I took the year to substitute. I have enjoyed the year getting to know the different schools around the area. I am ready to get back to my own room though. I have found some great schools around here, and am hoping that I can get a job at one of them. I've met some really great teachers and now know which schools I really mesh with.

Subbing has also shown me a lot of great ideas for the classroom. So now that the school year is over, I have a bunch of crafts to get started on. Just wait for Monday Made It! Hope everyone is enjoying their end of school year!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

7 habits

So I definitely been learning a lot through subbing. I've seen some very organized teachers and some not. I'm glad to be picking up some great ideas. Mainly they have been calling me for K, but I've done up to 6th grade. I remember why I like the little ones so much, because there is always something to do. I feel like I just sit and watch them work. I'd rather be moving around working with the kids.

Also, a few of the schools have been doing Leader in Me training. They incorporate the book: 7 Habits of a Happy Kid. Has anyone else done this in their school? From what I understand it teaches the ids to be more self sufficient and make their own choices. I just got the book in and am looking forward to reading it.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A year without a class= A year of craftiness/Currently

So no job this year, but I am subbing. I am getting to know the schools in the area and find out which ones I would like to be in the future. It has been easy, I'm not used to having the free time. So I have found that I am starting to make new things for my future classroom. Especially since I got a new sewing/embroidery machine for my birthday. I'm also linking up with Tara at 4th grade frolics. Here is what I have done so far:

I redid my crate seats, they were looking a bit dingy from last year. I can't seem to find a picture though.  This time I decided to go with one color and number them. I used some of my old thirty one fabric swatches to create the numbers. I think I will either paint the crates or get some new ones. Has anyone tried painting them before?

Then, thanks to Jennifer at First Grade Blues Skies, I got my idea for my next project. She took a pocket chart and dyed it black. I though why not have something different so I set out to create my own. Here is the first one: It is about 22" and has five different pockets.

Then I decided to do another one for my friend that loved the one I made. Here is how it turned out: It's 18" and has 7 pockets. I have had fun making them and am going to try different styles. Update: I have opened an etsy store. Check it out by clicking on the chart below:

Here are a few non-classroom things I made:

Love my new monogram shirt! Love using my old swatches.
Some necklaces,
and a new fall burlap wreath,

Later today my husband is going to help me build a craft table so I have a place for sewing, etc. The desk already has the computer and my laminator. I hope it turns out!

I saw this in one of the classrooms I went in, love how Mrs. Fuller put the bandaids on the heart!

And of course, first day at one of the schools, a bee decided it would be a great day to sting me. The other teachers sent a student to take me to the nurse so I could get an icepack, lol.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their school  year!

I also am linking with Farley and her Currently: Click on the link to head there.

I am looking at this year as  a learning year. I am going to get to experience many different classes and grade levels. Here's to hoping I learn a lot. I am going to love having some extra time though!

(Thanks Samantha! I don't know what happened when I posted my currently. I went back and did it again :))