Thursday, July 5, 2012

Currently, Blogger Meet Up and Giveaway to come...

OMG! I can't believe that I have over 50 followers, I'm working on a little giveaway, but haven't decided what I'm going to do yet, so be on the lookout!

Now to Link up with Farley at Oh'boy 4th!
My husband is using the game Rock Smith to learn to play the guitar, it's seems to be helping. He's sounding a little better each day.

If you haven't checked out Monday Made it at 4th Grade Frolics, you need to do so, it has inspired me!

Summer...Please stay longer, I'm not ready to be headed back. By the time the next currently comes around we will be back....

I'm still trying to figure out next year. No job offers yet, so my two options are assistant or subbing.  I'm leaning towards being a sub but my hubby is worried I won't have a steady income.

My gardens and flower beds are a mess. The weeds are taking over but it's been sooooo HOT that I can hardly get outside without sweating everything out.

Last Farley's rules which she changes each time. One read aloud that I love is Betty Bunny! The kids love it and laugh the entire time. They have a new one too: Betty Bunny wants everything! Second my teacher book: I just finished the Daily 5 and it truly made me think about the way I feel about teaching and strategies to use in the classroom.

I'm also able to go to my first bloggy meet-up! I can't wait to meet Jen over at First Grade Blue Skies who is putting this all together. If you are in the Birmingham, AL area, you should come!  


  1. Yea for you getting to 50 followers plus! I am a newbie to this teacher blogging thing. Would you consider adding me....I need some bloggy friends! I teach 2nd grade in GA and I am reading the Daily 5 and wanting to implement it this school year. I am in prayer for your job situation. I know what that's like- the waiting and wondering. Feel free to add my blog and email me too if you like-
    My Blog address is: (feel free to share with other bloggy friends- I only have two followers ;-(

  2. I am drooling over my Monday Made It's too! LOL I got so much done this week I can't wait for Monday to get here :)

    tattling to the teacher

  3. Linda- Good luck on the job situation. I am starting a new position as a Teaching and Learning Coach working with teachers K-5. I've spent a lot of my summer blog hopping as I have never taught primary. I am loving all the ideas people have.

    I wanted to let you know there is a summer book study on the Daily 5 at Also, my co-blogger and I are posting our reflections at