Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Giveaway and ThirtyOne Sale!

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  1. I would say a lot to do a lot of modeling of all class expectations. They haven't been in school before so they aren't going to know what you expect for anything- how to walk in a line, sitting in a chair, etc. Also along with this is have a lot of patience. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I would say to enjoy the kids....make sure to build communication with their families!

  3. Model, Model, Model! Sing and dance A LOT, and most of all, act goofy and have fun! When they see you acting like that, they feel so comfortable and open up to you! And when they start doing that, you will see their willingness to learn, and they start soaking everything up :)

  4. I wish I could give some advice, but I'm a new K teacher! I'm excited to see that all my fellow bloggers are writing up a storm right now so I can be inspired. Congrats on 100 followers! So exciting!!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  5. Ask for help when you need it and eat lots of chocolate when you are stressed. The first year is all about survival!
    Good luck!


  6. Not a K teacher but I know a K teacher needs patience! Good luck to you!


  7. Not a K Teacher anymore but I was once! Just be yourself and love those kids!! :)

  8. Many of them will have no clue what (oh how) you want them to do something, so model, model, model! Over plan those 1st few days of schools. Enjoy them for who they are because they will melt your heart in ways you didn't even know. Listen to them and love them! Sing and dance and have fun with them, but remember to always have control of your class. Management is the key. Take deep breaths and go with the flow. They won't know if you mess up. Oh and read them Pete the Cat. You're going to be a wonderful kinder teacher. I'm looking forward to all the ideas you will be posting. :)

    Heather (

  9. I teach 2/3 but I have interned in K before and one advice that I would give to a new K teacher (or any teacher for that matter) is to send out post cards over the summer as soon as you get your student's contact info. The kids are anxious to meet you in person and feel so special when they get a card in the mail from their new teacher! :)

  10. Hey Linda-
    What's your email address so the winners can send you your packets. I think it must not be getting to you.
    Thank you

  11. My piece of advice for a new teacher in Kindergarten is to be patient with the little ones and make them feel like they are welcome in your classroom. The little ones I have taught love it when you act "goofy." You can go all out and they won't think anything about it :) Have fun!! You don't want them to not like school and think it is boring their very first year in school. Most importantly: Love them :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  12. Congrats on 100 followers. It's been a while since I taught Kinder, but I would say that organization of all the manipulatives will help the most... and also grow your collection of read alouds this year - but don't think you have to have it all done before school starts.
    I Love My Classroom

  13. Cherish each day with your precious students! The last day of school will come and you'll be so sad to see them go. Also, communication with the parents is key!!

  14. Having a sister who is a K teacher, she lives by Lysol spray and Clorox disinfectant wipes to keep all the germs and messes under control! Thanks for hosting this giveaway and good luck. :)
    Antonia @ forkin4th

  15. Smile everyday, and write down all the funny little sayings that the kiddos say. They can be so funny later on when you need a good laugh!

  16. Make sure that you have baby wipes handy at all times!