Thursday, July 18, 2013

My year in review Part 2

Now to continue the year. 

This year we had a reading fair and all Kindergarten classes had to participate. We read the book as a class then talked about the elements of the book. Then I asked some of my higher students to write things down and paint the poster board. They loved doing it! 

100th Day of School! This was the door as you walked in. You can see some of the posters they made.

One station the students made a portrait of themselves using construction/wallpaper.
They built a structure with 100 blocks. (This was a little challenging for some groups because they each wanted to do their own thing, I had to get them to work together.)
We used Mrs. Lee's 100 day activities! Check out her post here. The boys made the pizza
and the girls made the gumball machine!

Then I paired up the students and they made icecream cones by counting by 10 to 100!
We hunted for 100 kiss. I first saw this idea on Kindergarten Hoppenings. We ended up only finding 98 but I had a few extra just in case. I ended up finding the last two when I packed up the room. Somehow they had fallen underneath the furniture.  They couldn't wait to eat some of the kisses! And next to it, my assistant had each group predict where 100 steps would take them and then they counted to 100 as they walked.

Here are some of the 10oth day posters. This little girl was so proud. Her dad said she worried him so much she just wanted it to be perfect!

And since they were good. I let them put 100 post-its on me at the end of the day. I accidently used the cheaper ones, so they didn't stick as well. They still had fun though!

Near our school we had this awesome place called Healthworks. They came to the school and taught the students all about nutrition, being active and how the body works. They are so good with the kids. I know with the last school they went there, but it was awesome they came to the school.  I wish I had a picture, but unfortunately I didn't get a picture of me being the toilet as they talked about how food moves through your body.  If you are ever near Tupelo, MS, I highly recommend you to go! Check it out by clicking on  the picture.

One of the kids favorite stations was when we got to bowl. We added and subtracted to 10s. It took them a minute to catch on, but they caught on quick.
Here is my Valentine's theme door. On the side hearts I had the kids about something they love.  
Then my zoo door. Again for some reason I didn't have it with all the pictures.  I combined all the kids name with an animals name, then the kids colored the animal and attached their head.  E.G Tashguin, Brebra etc... 
For Dental Health month we talked about teeth then created a tooth/toothbrush and wrote about how we can keep them clean. This activity came from a Cupcake for the Teacher ( I love all her craftivities!) Check it out by clicking the picture

We celebrated Dr. Suess' Birthday in Style. Here is me and my bestie, Mrs. Simpson!
Since I was the cat I figured it was only appropriate that my kiddos were my "things" They each made their hats for "make a hat day"
We also had a sunglasses day
I found these fun ones at party city. I loved that they were light enough I could actually wear them.
We dressed crazy

We made Oobleck on crazy sock day!
One day we rotated through the classrooms. I choose to read There's a Wocket in My Pocket. Then the students split into two different groups. One made Wockets for their pockets and the other group put Wockets with words on the in the pocket that they rhymed with.

 Last we made Yertle the Turtles after reading the book. They wrote about why they thought Yertle was a good king or not.  We then wrote about the book as a class. The writing idea came from Fun-in-First.

My year to be continued....

I appreciate everyone who is taking the time to get this far!

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